Concussion Baseline Testing

At NDBC we offer a complete Concussion Management Program that includes baseline testing services. We offer, and have partnered with: athlete's, individuals 6+, high school systems, professional sports teams, and employers. We offer everyone the opportunity to have a baseline concussion evaluation to establish a reference point in case a head injury does occur. 
According to the NCAA handbook for collegiate sports, the best concussion evaluation programs have a three point concussion assessment program that includes; (1) Professional observation, (2) cognitive analysis, (3) Computerized Dynamic Posturography (balance function testing). Together they types of programs realize a greater than 90% effective return to play decision. Our program at NDBC is based on that "Best Practices" approach to concussion evaluation and management. 
At NDBC. we currently offer both a neuropsychological test called (IMPACT), and the Computerized Dynamic Posturography baseline test. Please call Jennifer Ginkel, Marketing Director at 952-913-2907 for more information, and scheduling your appoitment. We offer teams and school group discounts for baseline testing packages