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We are in business to improve our patients' quality of life.Our commitment to excellence and the development of patient relationships is what will make NDBC the standard that everyone else is compared to for the treatment of balance disorders...

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Health Providers

IMG_4759_small.jpg Thank you for your interest in National Dizzy & Balance Center (NDBC) as a referral source for your patients. NDBC is an outpatient medical clinic system that utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to diagnose and treat patients suffering from dizziness and balance disorders. We offer Physician evaluations, Diagnostic Balance Lab Testing, and Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Programs.

At NDBC, we seek the source of the patients disturbed function, and then definitively treat the problem utilizing a neurological approach in physical therapy. This definitive approach to treatment separates us from non-specialized care received in most medical centers. Our clinical goal is to offer our patients a lasting solution to their dizziness or balance problem by first providing an accurate diagnosis and then developing an individualized rehabilitation program specific to their condition.