Sports Concussion Program

At NDBC we take a multidisciplinary approach towards concussion treatment and management. We have a TEAM of Physicians, Neuro Psychologists, Neuro Radiologists, Audiologists, and Physical Therapists all specifically trained in the field of treating brain injuries and concussions.

Your evaluation will begin with one of our physicians where they will perform a thorough post-concussion evaluation using the common Acute Concussion Evaluation protocol (ACE). Our physician will then decide whether your condition is appropriate for NDBC, and then may order additional evaluations with other NDBC providers. What makes our clinic unique for concussions is that we have the ability to provide IMPACT neuropsychological baseline and post-concussion testingComputerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) for postural stability and functional deficits, and a complete neurotologic balance assessment in our Balance Testing Lab. No other facilities in the Midwest area provide all these components in one facility, enabling us to provide the very best assessment possible, exceptional continuity of patient care, and convenience for the patient.

Given the wide variety of symptoms associated with concussions, baseline neuropsychological testing (IMPACT)allows for individualized objective evaluation of the concussed athlete's post-injury condition and assists in tracking recovery for safe return to play. The program measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning in athletes, including attention span, working memory, attention time, reaction time, and problem solving. Impact testing helps providers make better return to play decisions, therefore preventing the post concussive syndrome, or second impact syndrome. This occurs in athletes under the age of 23 who sustain a second concussion prior to their initial concussion healing completely.