Our Services

At NDBC we specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with dizziness and balance problems. To accomplish this successfully, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach to treatment where diagnostic studies and rehabilitation are all in the same clinic. The combination of these specialties in one facility has lead to better patient outcomes, lower costs, and more convenience.

In our clinics we offer our patients: Comprehensive Medical Evaluations, Diagnostic Testing Evaluations in the Balance Labs , Audiometric and Hearing Evalutions, and vestibular & neurological rehabilitation, Concussion Evaluations and Impact Testing Services. These services can be utilized individually or combined together in our Comprehensive Dizziness/Balance Evaluation. The type of medical evaluation and treatment plan that you follow will depend on the type of plan that was requested by your referring physician and our physicians.

If you are coming to NDBC without a referral, you will start your treatment as a comprehensive patient that will include a Medical Evaluation, Diagnostic Testing in the Balance Lab, and a Physical Therapy Evaluation.

Should you have questions about the programs and services offered by NDBC after reviewing this online resource guide, or if we can be helpful in anyway, please call us at (952) 345-3000