Welcome to National Dizzy & Balance Center

National Dizzy and Balance Center (NDBC) is a unique outpatient clinic system. We combine Physicians, Audiologists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, all within each facility to offer a true multidisciplinary approach to vertigo, dizziness, balance disorders, and concussions.

We utilize State-of-The-Art Diagnostic Balance Testing Labs to more accurately diagnose our patients when entering our programs here at NDBC. We utilize this data to develop individualized rehabilitation programs for each patient at NDBC, which increases outcomes, and lowers costs.

What Our Clients Have to say

My Success Story at NDBC
Date: February 2013
Age: 61

When I arrived at NDBC it was quickly established that I have a 70% UVD in my right inner ear. With a good rehab home exercise program and physical therapy at the Edina clinic my symptoms have diminished to barely noticeable. Thanks!

Tom D